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Use this calculator to see how much you will be paying.

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Come January 1st 2014 you could be paying hundreds more for

  health insurance if you do not purchase a health plan RIGHT NOW. 

This is not a threat, it is reality.  Click Here for more information.








Enrollment into Health Care Reform Insurance begins October 1st, 2013.  Please do not

procrastinate until 2014, it could end up costing you hundreds more each month. 


This is one time in your life that procrastination could result in harming you financially.

Nevada Insurance Enrollment is an online enrollment website offering plans from the country's top health insurance companies. 

We believe education and enrollment are equally important and help you choose the best plan to fit your personal needs.

The service we offer is FREE, and it doesn't stop once you purchase a plan.  You'll get help and expert advice every step of the way.



Call today and we will research all the different

health plans to find the one best suited for you.






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